Tuesday, December 12

How to Mod Call of Duty Black Ops – Combat Training Search And Destroy!

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Have you ever wanted to play search and destroy in Combat Training? Well now you can with this quick and easy mod.

  1. Go onto multi-player and go to Private Match.
  2. Make sure it is on Team Death Match and then change the settings to Unlimited Time and make sure it is on Unlimited lives. 
  3. Now change the game mode to Search and Destroy.
  4. Change to same settings you just did again (unlimited time, unlimited lives). 
  5. Once the settings are changed save the custom game to your share file.
  6. Now go to your playercard and delete the custom game you just saved. 
  7. Go back to the settings and save the same custom game in the exact same spot you saved the other one.
  8. Now go to switch lobby and change it to Combat Training.

  9. You are in combat training now and click on switch lobby again and hover over Private Match but don’t click on it.
  10. Press back and go down to playercard and go to your share files and click on the custom game you made.
  11. Once you press load, press the “X” (or “A” on Xbox) button five times quickly.
  12. You should now be in combat training with search and destroy.

  13. You can now change the combat settings to your likings (map, enemies/friends)

If this didn’t work try it again because I personally did not get it on my first try.

Have fun!!!

(There is another article on how to prestige in combat training also)


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