Monday, December 11

The Office

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 This is my take on the comedy show the Office.  The Office is currently in its 7th season.  It first, seemingly nobody watched the show.  It took until its 3rd season before most of my friends got into it.  The show has really grown on me.  Many people don’t find the show that funny.  This is mainly because the people haven’t taken the time or effort to watch enough of the episodes or to understand the humour and storyline.  It has grown into my favourite show through witty dialogue and unforgettable characters.  The show is about a paper selling company and their day to day business. This may sound extremely boring, but I assure you it is anything but boring.  The office manager, Michael Scott (Steve Carell) is an interesting man to say the least.  The last thing on his agenda is work, this leads to crazy and unplanned events.  It is these events that make the show so entertaining. 

                Personally, I have never watched a more entertaining show.  There is constantly something crazy going on. Whether it is employees setting the office on fire as part of a drill, or the office staff losing at the company picnic volleyball tournament, the show is guaranteed to make you laugh.  I recommend giving the show a solid chance as it is very entertaining and is sure to brighten your day.   I give the Office a solid 9.5/10


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