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The 144,000 Sealed Evangelists of Revelation

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Many misconceptions surround the 144000 sealed super evangelists of Revelation (chapter 7). First of all, they are Jews with Jewish names. One religion claims that only these 144000 from their church will make it into heaven! That would be very few people to live in a city that is a cube 1500 miles in every direction.

Why is it so hard to understand that the 144000 sealed evangelists of Revelation are Jews? The writer of Revelation gives you the tribes from which the evangelists come (chapter 7). No other tribes on earth have had these names applied to them except the Jews. The names of these super evangelists are very recognizable Biblical names.

Notice if you will that 12000 people from the 12 tribes of Israel will be selected to take God’s eternal and universal gospel to all men and women of the world. These 144000 super evangelists only have 7 years to complete their mission. Wonder if they are all men, or (shudder to think of it) could God actually use women, too? No doubt these super heroes of the gospel will have to speak in tongues (sorry New Testament believers). How else will these men and women reach every country on the planet!

Because of their dedication to Jesus and singleness of purpose, they complete their mission and are truly successful at it. When the tribulation period is ended, Jesus returns to begin His 1000 year reign. You find a multitude of people from every nation of the world have been saved and are in heaven waiting to reign with Him (7:13-17).

The 144000 super evangelists meet Jesus on the Mount of Olives, and there they join in a song that no one else can learn. They give praise to Jesus for keeping them alive with a specific ministry throughout the 7 years of tribulation (14:1).

This is only a brief look at the 144000 sealed evangelists of Revelation. There is so much more information about them, and you can find the rest of their story below. The Book, Why Revelation Why Now?, is so enlightening and uncomplicated. Get your copy today.


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