Friday, December 15

Olive Branch

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Fri, December 10, 2010 1:22:20 PM


Olive Branch


Sophialaurenea Destine  

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pam saxton





Since Victoria and yourself refuse to do the appropriate action in returning my refund; I have decided note to sue hence by brother (district attorney’s) advice. I have given your products away to a college staff free of charge because I know God will bless me with something even better.


I have published all your emails. I will continue voicing my warning of corrupt business tactics to the American public. has a duty to inform potential employees that they must ingest the product in order to be employee at your company. A vital information that Victoria and yourself left out.



Please, don’t email me a response because I will publish it: As this email will be published also. It is all perfectly legal for the emotional and financial strain Victoria and yourself has place on me by a fable financially scheme of



Ms. Sophialaurenea Y. Destine



PS. I am talking about book signings, radio talk shows and yes, even TV shows. Despite the fact they refuse to send my $19.95 from iOffice and $199.00 for products. I know small amount. My questions is: How many others have they swindle??




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