Friday, December 15

American Presidential Quiz

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In 1908, Teddy Roosevelt pushed me into the Presidential nomination, which I easily won over William Jennings Bryan to become the 27th President of the United States.  The next four years were busy years for my administration: Arizona and New Mexico were admitted to the Union, Henry Ford mass produced his Model T, Robert Peary and Ronald Amundsen reached the North and South Poles respectively, Alaska was granted a territorial government, Parcel post and postal savings were established along with the department of Labor and the Federal Children’s fund, two new amendments were added to the constitution (16th, a Federal Income Tax and the 17th establishing a popular election for United States Senators).  In 1912 after losing the Republican nomination, I left Washington to return to my first love, law as a professor of law at Yale.

I was born on September 15, 1857 in Cincinnati Ohio.  I rose through the public schools to attend Yale, my father’s alma mater, and graduated second in my class.  My love for law began as an assistant prosecutor and assistant solicitor for Hamilton County.  I moved through the ranks of judgeship, first as a judge in the Ohio Supreme Court, U.S. Solicitor General, then as a judge on the Federal Court of Appeals (appointed by President Harrison).  I was named Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in 1921.  This made me the only person in history to hold the two highest offices of President and Chief Justice.  A month later I (“Big Bill”) died on March 8, 1930, in Washington DC.

Who Am I?

1.      I was born on September 15, 1857 in Cincinnati Ohio. 

2.      During my term in office the 16th Amendment established a Federal Income Tax.

3.      I served as both President and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.  As Chief Justice I gave the Oath of Office to two of my successors, Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover.

4.       My friends called me “Big Bill”.

5.      I was the heaviest President, at 350 pounds and over six feet tall.


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