Friday, December 15

Stargate Sg-1: Desperate Measures

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Stargate SG-1: Desperate Measures is another one of those stories that is okay, has some good bits in it, but isn’t really a big favorite of mine.

I do like seeing the return of Tom McBeath as the always unpredictable Harry Maybourne.  At this point in Harry’s evolution, he has a wonderful love-hate rapport with Jack O’Neill.  No matter what happens, these characters will entertain, as they do in this hour.

I just love to watch John DeLancie, who is back as Frank Simmons, a really nasty colonel who seems to hate wearing an Air Force uniform since he’s most always in a regular suit.  I can’t stand Simmons, but DeLancie is sensational in just about anything he does.

In this hour, DeLancie has a nice scene with Richard Dean Anderson that is fun to watch.

Anderson’s Jack makes me chuckle in a scene with a homeless man in which he makes a trade for information by offering up his collection of National Geographic magazines.

What isn’t so great is watching Michael Shanks being wallpaper and standing around, doing backup and such, instead of being the true explorer and archaeologist that Daniel Jackson is supposed to be.  It felt weird even watching Daniel doing all of this gun play stuff.



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