Tuesday, December 12

Stargate Sg-1: Heroes Part 2

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To be absolutely honest, Stargate SG-1: Heroes Part 2 is not high up on my ‘want to watch’ list.  That has more to do with the plot than the quality of the show or the acting, all of which is actually quite good.

Part 2 contains a major character death, one forced upon the show by the Sci-Fi Network which demanded that someone who was part of the ongoing cast be killed so that we, the audience, would feel the impact of war.  Rubbish.

I thought it was also just horrid that the character killed barely had any screentime.  It almost seems to go against what they were trying to do.  It just adds to my anger over this whole series of events.

Then there is how Daniel mourns, which I highly disapprove of and don’t buy.

This show just fails to be of honor in my opinion.  The idea of the documentary that began in Part 1 is essential to the second half as well.  What is too bad is that they cut an important scene with Jack, who had resisted participation in the documentary, when he is at home recuperating and receives an enticement from Hammond.  They should have kept that scene in.


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