Friday, December 15

Stargate Sg-1: Revelations

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Stargate SG-1: Revelations isn’t one that I care for or watch much.  In fact, I pretty much just watched it once and from then on have maybe tuned in a scene or two.  I just don’t like it.  It’s the final show from year 5 and the first without Michael Shanks as  Daniel Jackson.  His last regular episode had occurred the week before this one.

The gist of Revelations is the Asgard problem with their cloned bodies.  They are essentially dying.  However, one of their scientists is on a planet that is being threatened by the Goa’uld.  The Asgard call upon SG-1 to help rescue the scientist and get his research, which is needed if they are to have any hope of survival at all.

While I do enjoy the Asgard, SG-1 without Daniel just isn’t SG-1, so my thrill in watching is greatly diminished.  Richard Dean Anderson is a great reason to tune in, but even from the beginning what worked best was his play off of Shanks.  The two had a great chemistry and their characters were the reason to watch.

Other than watching Anderson and the Asgard, teh only other reason for catching a glimpse of the show is Anna-Louise Plowman, who does well as Osiris.


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