Thursday, December 14

How to Know if You’re Computer Has a Virus

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            Viruses can awfully reduce the performance of your computer. It will try to use up all your computer resources like your memory and processor to slow down the computer thus making it hard for you to do your routine on your computer. There can be a lot of signs that your computer is infected by a virus. Here are a few:

Task Manger Disabled

One of the things that a virus normally does it disables the process present in your Operations System that has the capacity to delete the file associated with the virus. After disabling your task manager surely your registry would be next. A lot of registry values will be altered by a virus and that will never be edited as long as the virus is present on your computer.

Unusual slowing down of computer

When your computer slows down drastically, it means that it is handling a lot of task which are making the delay of finishing some task. Computer resources will be compromise like your memory. If your memory is so much infested by a virus it may cause the computer to shutdown.

Antivirus Software Disabled

I guess everyone in today’s world knows how important an antivirus program is. It is one of the necessities of a computer. Normally we have our antivirus software but the main problem with be its updates. If you are not connected to the internet, surely, it will be hard for you to protect your computer against those ugly viruses.

If you happen to observe even one of these symptoms, ask immediately the help of a person who knows how to handle computer viruses. Once a virus will be in your computer for a longer time, it will definitely be harder for it to be removed.


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