Monday, December 18

Skin Care Diet And Tips

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When winter comes, you would know it from the chillness and also from the first signs when your skin and lips
become dry.

So is there a way to avoid your skin from going dry especially during the winter season.Of course yes.There are
ways and means to resolve this problem.

One way is you could use cosmetics and external applications.For example, there are a whole lot of products like
moisturisers available in the market today.You could use them to hydrate your skin so that it remains soft.But these are like artificial means to do so.

A better and more preferable method is to watch what you eat and eat right.Diest does play a very important role
generally.But consuming the right food in winter can also help you avoid dry skin.

Increase the amount of vitamins.They are very effective in skin moisturizing.Rich sources of vitamins would be oranges,guavas and coconut water.And as far as possible have fresh fruit juices.Nothing tastes like a glass of natural fruit juice.

Also tomatoes help to keep the skin moist and glowing.Other vegetables you can eat would be beetroot and also gooseberry(amla).

Nuts like almonds are rich sources of Vitamin E and protein, both of which are extremely good for the skin and help maintain its elasticity.

Keep these handy tips in mind and eat well for a great looking skin!



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