Friday, December 15

Dallas Does Debbie (1978) Classic Adult Film

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Dallas does Debbie an adult film not to be mistaken from an all time adult film classic Debbie Does Dallas which was made in 1978.   Dallas Does Debbie with its credited cast: Brigitte Aime, Chrissy Ann, Nick East, Cal Jammer, Sharon Kane, Biff Malibu, Tony Martino, Jake Steed, Scott St. James, T-Bone, Tianna, Trixie Tyler, and amber woods was made back in 1992.  Its DVD cover has a logline of She’s Expecting a capacity crowd, Deep in the Hard of Texas .

Debbie does Dallas on the other hand with its cast: Bambi Woods as Debbie Benton, Robert Kerman as Mr. Greenfied or as Richard Balla, Christie Ford as Roberta, Robin Byrd as Mrs. Hardwick, Eric Edwards as Mr. Hardwick is a much better film.  The story revolves around Debbie who makes it to the roster of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.  Debbie finds herself in a predicament wherin she does not have sufficient money to go to texas. She tried to ask help from her mom, but to no avail.  She then turns to her friends who  helped her out getting small jobs around town to be able to earn the the money that she needs to go to Texas.  This where the action begins.  Debbie does her boss Mr. Greenfeld who helps her go to texas.


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