Monday, December 11

Exposing The Underworld

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      I got injured December 24,2003 in Ohio at work. I have been fighting off a head injury since then. I have fought off paralysis, hemorrhaging and this last one was an infection in my stomach. I have dealt with this injury in two states, Ohio, and Texas. While in Ohio, my employer (we’ll call him ‘S’), was going around paying off the doctors to tell me there was nothing wrong with me, and I had test results that came back positive two times and I got refused medical care. I later found out my attorney was taking pay off’s as well. I never received medical care or compensation for my injury. Where’s the justice? I then a few years into this mess decided to relocate to Texas, well talk about another joke. This recent infection I had, I was told by five doctors, “we know what’s wrong with you but we aren’t going to do anything for you.” So these states can launder money and we can’t do anything about it. Look around at who is running this country, I would say organized crime, wake up people. It’s pathetic when the dollar bill speaks louder than someone’s life, well I am alive and here to tell you all wake up. These people only care about self gain; our rights mean nothing to them. They don’t care who they hurt as long as they get their money. These people come from poor families and will do whatever it takes to hang on to what they have, and I mean anything. These people plant people everywhere and most aren’t qualified to be in the position they’re in, they hand some money under the table and their in. They represent themselves as doctors, politicians, business owners, government officials; they are judges and officers as well. Any form of position they can give a payoff and their in. Until people wakeup to what is going on in their country this type of behavior will continue and be tolerated. I have wrote this article because my anniversary of my injury is approaching, December 24,2010.


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