Monday, December 11

Why The Five Pillar Affiliate Club is Said to Be The Top Associate Program

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When selecting the right web affiliate marketing programme, you may as well use the programs utilized by the experts. These blokes and gals do not squander time with the make money fast tricks. The high earning affiliates know that having the right program is the foundation of a successful web marketing business, and thus they select their programs rigorously.

So what programme do the pros always suggest? A lot of them regard The five Pillar Club as the best affiliate marketing programme available. After you get familiar with the 5 PC, it is not hard to see why.

The 5 Pillar Affiliate Club is a true affiliate marketing partnership. The corporation responsible for the programme is Site Sell. They are the only company with yearly sales over $100,000,000 that doesn’t do any selling, aside from the affiliate of course. This is a very advantageous thing for affiliates . When you try and compete against a company who can spend millions of greenbacks on advertising, you are at a disadvantage. However with the 5 Pillar Club who doesn’t do any outside promoting, you have got the capability to really control the market.

So if they are not spending millions on advertising, what do they spend their advertising budget on? Simple, they invest it to give their affiliate the best marketing and business tools available. You get a full arsenal of marketing tools including close to a hundred landing pages, tons of banner advertisements, video ads, and many others. And yes, these are all free, just like joining the 5 Pillar Club.

Oh yea, I kind of left out the best part of this terrific affiliate internet marketing program. THE COMMISSIONS! Earn over a grand $75 greenbacks for each single sale, and $25 for each team sale. And when the sales are as simple to make as they are with the five Pillar Club, the earning can actually add up fast. And with the residual you will build passive income.

So if you’re searching for an affiliate selling programme that actually delivers, this is the one for you. A great company, an amazing and straightforward to sell product, the internet’s hottest promoting aids and high commission. This is a great programme for marketers at all levels.


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