Wednesday, December 13

Tips To Look Thinner

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Being fat is one thing.But are you worried about looking fat in public.

Almost every person who is a bit fat or overweight faces this question.They know they are fat, but are also
embarassed to make their fatness too evident.This is especially the case of people with tummies.How they wish they could just hide it.

Well, for those of you carrying this burden of fat in your tummies, here are a few tips that might help you to hide that
sight of the bulge.

First of all the what you wear and the way you wear it matters a lot.For example if you wear skin tight T-shirts or very tight dresses it is only going to make your fatness more viewable, but also you would come across as a person with no dressing sense.

So try out clothing that are a bit loose on your body, so that they would cover your layers of skin.

Also if you are wearing a belt, see to it that you are not fastening it too tight around your pant.

As far as possible, do not tuck in your shirt too much.

Clothes made of fabrics like lycra tend to cling to the body.Hence avoid them.Use cotton instead.They are comfortable too.


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