Sunday, December 17

Homeopathy-Why Is It Called The Gentle Cure?

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Homeopathy is a method of treatment based on the principle of ‘Similia Similibus Curantur”- which is nothing but Greek for similar cures similars. Homeopathy is a unique line of treatment, since it has rightly maintained its old worldly charm while seamlessly blending in with the present and promising an optimistic future.

To understand why homeopathy is frequently referred to as the gentle cure, we need to understand the term-gentle, first of all. What are the things that cross your minds, when you think of gentle? Is it a newborn baby, a snowy white baby rabbit or maybe the touch of a rose petal against your cheek? Well, homeopathy is as mild and gentle as any of these things could be.

Homeopathy works gently on your body, to help your inherent immunity to overcome the onslaught of disease. It does not entail any torturing or agonizing measures like blood letting, needle pricking or usage of any heavy doses of chemical drug concoctions.  

Homeopathic medications will begin their action and bring about an effective cure, as gently, mildly and effortlessly as your breath passes through your nostrils. You might not even realize when you were cured of your long standing chronic pain or disease.

The doses used in homeopathy are as minute as they could be. Using just as much of medicinal substance as could be held on the tip of a needle, effective cures for major disorders like Heart or Liver disorders could be brought about.

To top it all, the medicines are administered by coating sugar globules, making the entire experience of ingesting the homeopathic medicine; highly pleasant. No wonder that Homeopathy is rightly called as the gentle cure. What else could it be possibly known as?


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