Monday, December 11

Stargate Sg-1: Cure

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What Stargate SG-1: Cure does is provide viewers with much more background and history of the Tok’ra, a race we first met in a two part episode in the second year of this science fiction program. Watchers actually get to meet their queen in this hour.

What we learn is shocking.  Apparently, the Tok’ra queen has been used as a laboratory rat for ages by a people known as the Pangorans.  These folks then claim they just didn’t know what was going on and who the queen was.  I guess ignorance is bliss.

SG-1 contacts the Tok’ra and that all leads to an ethical debate. As could be expected, the Tok’ra are extremely angry, while the Pangorans just want to preserve their way of life.  Ultimately, the ending is poignant and even difficult to take in.

There’s not much to enjoy here, though Jack does have a quip or two that bring some minor enjoyment.

The reason The Cure is important to SG-1 lore, though, is because it’s the show in which Tretonin is introduced.  This will factor much more as the season progresses.

On the whole, The Cure is pretty boring.  For the Jonas Quinn lovers, he does have a relationship with a Pangarian that is moderately curious.


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