Tuesday, December 12

Stargate Sg-1: Flesh And Blood

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The 10th season opener for Stargate SG-1 was caled Flesh and Blood.  This would be the final season premier for this long running science fiction series. Frankly, with shows like this one, I wasn’t surprised and, in fact, practically welcomed the end.

The action picks up where things left off at the end of season nine when it looked like doom and gloom for SG-1.  All of them were in some kind of disastrous situation.

Naturally, though, the regulars managed to escape death, including Daniel who fled the Russian spaceship before it exploded.  Of course, that led to some controversy over his decision to do so, but a dead Daniel just doesn’t work.

When last seen, Sam was stranded in space, though she didn’t stay there long.  They did a stunt move where the Odyssey sort of scoops her up.  That was a little exciting.

There’s a bunch of Ori action, which bores me beyond belief.  I just don’t care about this Albino looking race, not to mention that I detest Vala and don’t care much for her spawn of a daughter, either.

Flesh and Blood disappoints, especially with the reunion between Daniel and Sam.  We should have had better than what we got.


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