Thursday, December 14

Anyong Lupa

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There are many types of land forms, here they are:

Kapatagan or plain – a flat land with no elevation or depression.  A very good place to plant rice, corn and vegetables.

Bundok or mountain – an elevated land, with steep side but higher than hills (no clue up what the minimum height, for any mountain to be called a mountain)

Bulkan or volcano – a kind of mountain where molten rock lava may come out of it or volcanic ash coming from the depths of the earth.  There are two types of volcano active and dormant. One popular volcano is Mount Mayon, known for its near perfect cone shape found in Albay region of the Philippines.

Burol or Hill – the small mountain. The most famous of them all is Bohol’s Chocolate Hills, with its brown shade of grass during the summer but when it rains it turn back to its original color green.

Lambak or Valley – a plain sourronded by mountains.  It is a very good place to grow vegetables, and many other crops.  Valley’s usually are very fertile.

Talampas  or plateau – a flat land on top of a mountain.  One good examble is Baguio (not so flat but has a lot of flat parts)

Baybayin or coast – any land by the beach

Bulubundukin or Mountain range – Series of high elevated land like the Sierra Madre Mountain Range

Pulo or Island – any land surrounded by water

Yungib or Cave – carved by nature these are holes big enough to be accessed by people and animals

Tangway  or Peninsula –  Almost totally surrounded by water like Zamboanga or the Iberian Peninsula in Europe

Tangos  or Cape – not the garment that you wear but a landform almost surrounded by water but smaller like cape horn and cape of good hope.

Disyerto or desert – a dry, arid, hot place.


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