Thursday, December 14

Gold a Good Investment

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A very ductile and malleable, brilliant yellow precious metal that is resistant to air and water corrosion.Gold jewelry is universally popular, loved for its lustrous yellow color. It is a precious metal that is very soft when pure (24 Kt.).The purity of gold jewelry is measured in karats. Now the latest trend in investing is in the bullions. Bullions are nothing but coins or bars of precious metals like gold and silver.

Precious metals can keep your investments safe

People work hard to earn money and when they have made enough money they save a portion as investments for their future.

With a population of 1.1 billion people, gold has a great future in India. India is the world’s largest consumer of gold in jewellery as investment . Gold is valued as a savings and investment vehicle.

This is the second preferred investment after bank deposits.Investment in gold will not be subjected to tax.

It is better to have 5-10 per cent of your net assets as gold. By Investing in gold bars and coins, making and processing charges will not be added in the jewellery Purchase. Gold has continued to set new records and the prices have been rising over the years.

The sign of qualityand purity is hallmark or BIS sign on gold bars and coin.

  • Buying bars from a known dealer or bank is safe.

  • It is easy to get a loan banks since banks accept gold as security.

  • It can be converted into cash and hence it is a highly liquid asset.

  • Investing in gold bonds or certificates are also carried nowadays. These bonds are issued by authorized banks. These bonds are low interest rates with lock-in period. On maturity, depositors can take the delivery of gold or amount equivalent depending on their options.

  • Lots of gold lying in the safe deposit vault

In many Asian countries, like India gold is important during religious ceremonies such Hindu marriages. Gold pricing is not volatile so it remains stable. It is more stable than currencies.In the cities gold is facing competition from the stock market and a wide range of consumer goods.

About 80 percent of that gold production was used to make jewelry, the majority of which was sold in India, Europe and the United States of America.


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