Thursday, December 14

Will I Set Aside my Antiquated Books And Replace it to E-Book?

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I remember my High School days, two decades ago, when I still loved to stop by in the library and enjoyed reading my favorite books such as The Fall of Hyperion, Walking Trees: Teaching Teachers in New York City Schools andTehanu. As far as I can remember, they transformed my days into rainbows and turns out to be the easiest way to transport myself to different places.

I was not and will not be alone. The kids of the new generation are the same. They also have the passion to flip over the chromatic world of the stories presented in books. Most children in the past had to endure the musty smell of the old books with no choice. But the children of this age don’t need to put up with the antiquated books stocked inside the shelves. Now with the advancement of time, children can enjoy reading by just flipping the pages of an e-book.

E-book–a text with an image-based publication in digital form. The advantages sound music to the ears of the typical bookworms. Young and old the same. And take note, there are more than 2000 plus books available for download. Who can never enjoy that?

I still have a few of my books collected. I don’t want to throw it away. I haven’t thought about that, either. But time has transcend the most prevalent tools for learning. Cracking books and improving the mind to a much accommodating and easy way. Why not have one and be electrified with the wonders of it? Would that mean I no longer love my old books? Of course not.


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