Tuesday, December 12

How The Indigo Child Concept Hinders Our Spiritual Advancement

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I’ve gotten a lot of criticism over my article entitled The Truth About Indigo Children and Starseeds. A lot of people who buy into the whole New Age “Indigo Children” phenomenon get extremely defensive over the idea that anyone could not only not believe that they are special, but that they may also have some neurological disorder.

Now, let’s forget my theory that some of the people who claim to be Indigos or Starseeds are really autistic. I never claimed that all of them were, but rather, that there was a correlation of the symptoms. But you can’t deny that there is a clear cross over in the symptoms. It doesn’t really matter if there is some non-spiritual explanation for these “symptoms” for the purpose of this article. I will try to use certain terms and concepts to make it easier for New Age followers to understand what I’m getting at.

These so-called “indigo children” are supposedly highly spiritually evolved beings who have been born into an Earthly incarnation for the purpose of raising Earth’s vibration. In short, they are here to spread spiritual awareness to help the planet as a whole ascend to a higher plane of existence or a higher consciousness. These people supposedly possess special abilities and a heightened spiritual awareness, and somehow just their mere presence here will make all the difference in this planet’s spiritual advancement. They are just that special.

Now, this all seems well and good, but you run into a problem when you actually start talking to one of these special people. Not one “indigo” I’ve met, neither online nor in real life, neither young nor old, has demonstrated anything beyond arrogance and a desperate need to assure themselves that they are, in fact, better than any other human being. If you dare disagree with any spiritual information or advice that they may present to you, they get extremely defensive. Usually, their spiritual teachings won’t go beyond trying to convince you that “indigos” are real, and that they are in fact one of them (normally, all they will do is rattle off a list of traits that they found online and relate each one of them to their own lives. I’ve never heard one of them actually make any attempt to help anyone else on their spiritual path).

It just seems to me that if a highly spiritually evolved being were to actually want to help others to become more enlightened or to be ready to ascend, they would focus less on the some meaningless label like “indigo” and more on actual spiritual matters. If this planet is to become more enlightened, or to ascend, or to raise it’s vibrational frequency, or any other interpretation of the goal of the “indigo children,” it’s not going to be through people smugly going around talking about how much more advanced they are than the rest of the lowly humans. It’s only going to be through unity, love, and the realization of what we all really are as human beings. Maybe working to improve the environment of the planet that we call home as well (I mean, if you really do want to help the planet itself to move to a higher plane of existence).

I don’t care if you think you’re from a higher plane of existence or from a different planet or whatever; whether that is true or not is irrelevant, as you are on Earth, in the third dimension, in a normal human body with a normal human brain right now. By becoming too attached to this notion of being a superior “indigo” you are doing nothing but hindering the spiritual evolution of this planet, and of yourself. This over-attachment to this label, and the negative energy you create when you set yourself apart from other humans will only hinder the ascension process. It’s time to let go of any attachments to any meaningless labels. Stop making up excuses for why you feel like you don’t belong, actually make some effort to be part of this planet, and actually do something worthwhile with your life!

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