Friday, December 15

Scrub This Air, Hard.

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There are few aromas quite as pleasing as those created through various Industrial chemical processes.  When that first wave of Steel Pickling exhaust tickles your nostrils, you can begin to imagine what Heaven smells like, and not only do these fumes smell wonderful, but they are healthy and good for the environment too!

Unfortunately, the above paragraph would widely be perceived, by some communities, as entirely false.  Many of the processes performed these days involve caustic chemicals and highly volatile chemical reactions.  Processes such as the printing of circuit boards, semi-conductor clean rooms, anodizing and the always nauseating, waste water treatment facilities, are a few examples of Air Scrubber worthy applications.

Viron Intl. is a leader in the manufacturing, design and technological progression of Air Scrubbers for corrosive fumes.  Around since 1971, Viron offers highly efficient and easily maintainable products with minimal operating costs and unrivaled, hell, uncontested customer service.  Viron will be with the customer step for step in order to ensure a complete system solution (as will the equally as dedicated local rep).

At this point you may be saying to yourself, “wow, Viron (and its rep) sounds fantastic, but what is an Air Scrubber and how does it work?”  Well, to almost criminally oversimplify, an Air Scrubber is a piece of equipment that absorbs harmful elements from exhaust air so it can be released outside safely and in compliance with ever more stringent environmental standards.  There are many different combinations of the absorbing element and the “packing” material (typically polypropylene) that can be arranged to meet a plethora of horrible, toxic, life-threatening applications.  Viron and the local representative will assist any Engineer or End User in properly coming up with a complete system solution to fit their specific exhaust needs.

The Scrubbers work based on a relatively simple method; the contaminated air is pumped through the Scrubber, either vertically or horizontally, depending on the customer’s needs, and is sent through the Scrubber “packing.”  The packing can take various shapes depending on the application and is used primarily to increase the surface area contacted by the incoming dirty air.  In a “Wet Scrubber” a liquid solution is used with the packing to absorb harmful pollutants from the air by being pumped counter to the airflow. The same solution is not always used, however; the mixture will be specially selected based on its reaction to the target pollutant. There are also Dry Scrubbers which typically use a powdered absorbing agent to extract the pollutants from the air, before being strained by an outlet filter which will not allow the large powdered particles to pass.  Anyone who witnesses a Scrubber in action will agree that it is a beautiful and magical miracle of technology, rivaled only by the 1969 NASA Moon Mission.

Many of us wake up every morning in a cold sweat, trying to forget yet another terrifying Legionnaires Disease Nightmare.  It is a terrible way to live one’s life.  Well, get used to a good night’s sleep when you’re dealing with Viron, because biocides can be shipped connected to the light-weight and resilient FRP scrubber body, with necessary integral piping already in place. 

I understand as well as anyone the adrenaline that courses through the veins at even the mention of industrial air quality equipment; few things on this crazy, blue planet provide the fulfillment and pride that come packaged with each and every Viron Scrubber.  It is because of this natural human reaction to excellence that I would urge a potential customer to take a few calming breaths and light a couple candles, and when tranquility once again reigns, call your local Viron Rep, and start scrubbing some air.


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