Friday, December 15

How Meditation Works in Perfect Visualization

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The power of manifestation is a well-known concept now. Be it about happy relationships or materialistic possessions, enjoying good health or a serene state of mind, the right visualization to manifest anything is what most important. But simply knowing is not implementing. Sheer knowledge does not lead to perfect adoption of principles. There has to be a process, an adherence to a methodology that attunes the mind to emit the perfect signals, lips to chant positive affirmations intensely.

Any sort of visualization cannot be least effective if not done with a tranquil mind. My experience so far, with manifestation in my or my near ones’ lives, is a live example of this fact. On the other hand, I could never focus on an idea or visualize something when the mind was disordered. And with my experience, I can tell you that the only thing that helps gain this tranquillity is “meditation”. Meditation, in my view, is one of the best and blessed gifts to us. And because we as human beings can visualize, we can meditate. Because our mind can place those 3d images on the virtual reality screen, it must first be put to meditation!

While you are sure to see a radical enhancement in the quality of your visualization effect, your activities post-meditation in itself would be an enriching experience for you. Meditating means nothing else but attracting cheerfulness, growth, opulence & contentment in life. So there is nothing magical if the mind, after meditation, remains unselfish and stays unprejudiced in the attempt to repeat your positive affirmations and seeing crystal clear 3d images.

Having a yearning to see things shaping up in your life as per your desire is quite natural and the mind’s urge in the direction of desire fulfilment is part of the phenomenon. But just as you cannot ask a bakery owner to design the interior of your dressing hall, a chaotic mind cannot be asked to bring photo-finish effect in mental 3d images or intensity into your positive affirmations. Rather, it will always wander away from getting into that right frame of mind and hinder progression.

So the next time, right before you want to visualize something, a simple exercise is given below for you.

Select a silent and isolated place. Be seated on a chair or simply on a carpet placed on floor. With eyes closed, lips tenderly touching each other and the right hand resting on left palm, concentrate on your breathe. Breathe longer. Feel that every breath that exits is taking out all sorts of distraction, worries and stress from you. Every inhale is bringing in a lot of fresh & positive energy. After 20 cycles of this focussed breathing pattern, stop deep breathing and let it happen naturally. You will notice, your breath is coming effortlessly, very slowly and in smaller intervals. That is your most natural breathe. Stay another minute in that state and then slowly open your eyes. This is one simplest form of meditation. But it is powerful enough to gear up your mind for visualization.

So meditate, as the most appropriate methodology and experience “depth” and “crystal clarity” in your visualization.


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