Friday, December 15

I Have Seen The Problem, And it is us

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Immigration is the asshole of our Domestic issues.  The climate is the bully, the terrorists are the pests, conservatism is the parasite and immigration is the asshole.  Before I make too many enemies, I am not, by any means calling Immigrants assholes…the opposite is true.  There is one demographic in the United States with the right to rage against immigration, fortunately or unfortunately, Native Americans do not generally believe in the ownership of the land.  This makes the hypocrisy that some European-American immigrants show towards illegal immigrants almost laughable…if blood wasn’t being spilled on their account.

Despite differences in the philosophical value of practicing what we preach, I do agree that unregulated arrival and departure from the country would be foolish and that the war on drugs has created a breed of dangerous aliens.  I do not buy the argument that these people are a drain on the economy or a drain on the country in any way.  For the most part they simply want to work enough to send some money back home and if they are injured they will do everything to avoid hospitals—and certain deportation—thus cannot be as destructive to our healthcare system as has been stated. 

There are ruthless thugs coming and going too, and no one can argue the dangers faced by residents on Mexican border towns, but that is more an issue of Mexico’s and America’s war on drugs not the natural migration of a people. Even with that said, I do not expect sweeping changes to drug policy from our stagnant government, but I have hope for the much more fluid Mexican government,

Mexico could decide to legalize all drugs and offer not only amnesty, but first dibs on being the main legal supplier of the new “pharmaceutics.”  I accept the possibility that I am severely underestimating the evil nature of some of these drug kingpins but I believe that they are driven purely by greed.  If one could convince the leaders of these operations that legitimate cultivation would be more profitable than continuing the underground business, these people would convert over time.

It would not be difficult, in my mind, to show these war-torn entrepreneurs the money saved by not retaining a military force to fend off government anti-drug agents, and not having to pay off crooked officials, not to mention the universal desire for security that could be achieved through replacing guns with lawyers.

I have proposed this idea, off-the-collar, to a couple conservative friends who cannot get over the principle of rewarding those who did not play by the rules.  These men should be locked up, end of story.  The argument, “Well, I’ve worked my ass off, never got in trouble, I want more money, blah blah blah,” seems to be the general battle cry of disenfranchised  of middle-class slobs.  The same slobs who hate immigration with the most passion are also the most narrow-minded when it comes to a solution.

In summary, convince the Mexican government to legalize drugs, and then use the farms and facilities (infrastructure) already in place, to create a legal export. With the possible profits, the country may stabilize enough to convince its citizens Mexico is still a country worth saving financially. The end of this civil war between Cartels and various corrupt government officials will be a giant weight lifted off the people who can no longer tell the difference between the most powerful man in drugs and the most powerful man in politics.  

The problem certainly would not be eradicated completely, immediately.  America will still be the major purchaser of the drugs, and an illegal network would still be needed to smuggle those drugs across the border, in effect, creating a confusing and politically dangerous problem of two bordering countries with different views and different methods of handling a very socially volatile product.  This I concede.  But nothing is perfect in this World, Nothing, so what we must do is try to affect a positive change in atmosphere for as many people as we can, then deal with the nasty—yet hopefully crippled—left-overs afterward.


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