Monday, December 11


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Well with these writings i am going to try and bring some light into peoples lives and maybe some enlightenment where before there was only confusion where crystals are concerned
As you can see we are going to start with Ametrine not because it begins with A but because I am going to be pick stones at random day by day.
Ametrine is a mixture of Amethyst and Citrine in the same stone . It is a member of the quartz family with a hexagonal crystal system and a hardness of 7 . Its yellow and gold bicoloured appearance is striking and the best specimens are usually faceted for jewellery . Ametrine is found in Brazil and other parts of south America. But the best specimens in recent years have come from Uruguay and Bolivia.
Ametrine is a fire element stone , combining the stimulating energies of wind with the creative and action – oriented energies of fire . Ametrine links the clarity and Devine connection of Amethyst with the stimulating and purifying influence of citrine . These two powerful energies work together in Ametrine to develop your ability to take action upon your spiritual guidance and to overcome your fears.
The Amethyst aspect of Ametrine connects you to the spiritual raelm . Where you can receive instruction from guides , Angels or your higher self . Once this connection has been established , the Citrine element of Ametrine comes into play by aligning your centre of will with the third eye and crown . The Citrine energie in Ametrine helps you take clear and decisive action based upon the higher guidance and aligned with Devine will. The stimulating and clarifying energy of citrine facilitates removal of blockages or resistance to action or change , empowering you to create a more spiritually aligned reality.
This combination of energies makes Ametrine an exellent stone for those who are indecisive or unable to act because they fear making a wrong decision. It can also help those who procrastinate or are unable to commit to a course of action or achievement . Ametrine can support you in overcoming your fear of success and in eradicating patterns of self sabotage . Ametrine can assist you in making the changes necessary to alighn your life with the Devine , and in grounding higher frequencies into every aspect of your life. The energy of Ametrine is useful in keeping the mind focused and alert when studying or learning . It should be used when you are feeling mentally sluggish , foggy or unable to concentrate . Its vibrational pattern enhances brain processes and assists you in mental endeavors.


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