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How To Consistently Increase Your Sales On Ebay

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EBay is set up for the buyer’s satisfaction. EBay knows that if the buyer is happy, they will continue to be successful. That is why eBay is the auction giant on the internet. They know how to treat their customers and they expect eBay sellers to do likewise. To be a successful seller on eBay, you need to learn the art of customer service.

Improving sales on eBay is a long term commitment. The seller has to sell good legitimate products and ship them in a timely manner to get repeat business. In the past, there were hit and run sellers on eBay who sold a bunch of items quickly to make a buck. Often, the products were of low quality and sometimes never reached the customers. EBay decided to improve their feedback system to enhance the buyer’s experience on their site. Years ago, if you left a negative feedback on a bad seller, they would just turn around and leave you a negative feedback. Today, the buyer is allowed to leave negative feedback on the seller, but the seller is not allowed to retaliate. This brings us to the point of feedback and how it will improve your sales on eBay.

As a seller, one of your goals on eBay is to receive all positive feedback for your transactions. You receive positive feedback on eBay when you sell good products, send the products in a timely manner and sell the products for a good price. As you earn positive feedback, your sales increase because the buyers know you are a trusted seller on the eBay site. When the buyer leaves feedback, they also can leave you stars. One star is bad and five stars are excellent. These stars are given for Item as described, communication, shipping time and shipping and handling charges. It is important to know how to fix a problem you have with a buyer if you want to keep your positive feedback. Sometimes this means to resend an item you already know you sent to a buyer. It is always a smart thing to add delivery confirmation to your expensive items so you can show proof to an unhappy customer if a package is lost. Always insure expensive items in case something unexpected happens to the item in transit.

You joined eBay and you want to get a good reputation. When you set up your auctions, make sure you describe your item correctly. A new item is an item that has never been open. A used item is an item that has been opened. You need to explain what level of used your product really is. Take good pictures of your items to allow the customer to see what your item actually looks like. If there are minor or major defects to the item, make sure the customer knows before they bid on the item. Only charge correct shipping and handling charges, do not try to make an extra buck off of the shipping charges. The customer will know and your feedback and your sales will decline. Make sure you tell the customer when you sent their item and when to expect the item. Give them the delivery confirmation numbers so they can track their products all the way to their homes or businesses. All of these things are important if you want to improve your sales on eBay.  If a buyer has a problem, fix the problem as professionally as you can. In the long run, the way your treat your customers will give a rise or a decline in your sales on eBay. An eBay seller with 1100 positive feedbacks and no negative feedbacks will sell more and make more on eBay than a seller with 5 negative feedbacks per every hundred transaction. It is a proven fact that perfect feedback brings more money for items on eBay. This is because a customer on eBay knows if you have perfect feedback, you stand behind your products and have great customer service.

Power Sellers are among the top sellers on eBay. EBay will automatically make you a power seller if you sell enough items with perfect positive feedback. As a rule, you have to sell a certain amount of items consistently on eBay to keep your Power Seller name. After you become a successful power seller on eBay, you can become a Top-Rated seller. Some Power Sellers are in it for the quick money and do not show enough customer service on eBay. Often, these Power Sellers get a bad name and lose business because of their greedy actions. Sometimes they even lose their business on the eBay site.

Top-Rated sellers on eBay are sellers who consistently have great products, great customer service and perfect feedback on the eBay site. These Sellers also meet qualifications for eBay buyer protection and PayPal buyer protection cases. This means you consistently sell good products, stand by your products and have perfect customer service. Becoming a Top-Rated seller takes time and work, but will improve your sales tenfold.

Improving your sales on eBay is not something that can be achieved overnight. You have to consistently play by all of the rules on the eBay site. You have to sell good items for good prices and get the items to the customer in a timely manner. If you want to be a successful seller on eBay, you need to put each one of your customer’s first. The art of customer service will make you successful on eBay, you will acquire a good name and your sales will consistently increase.


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