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World Most Powerful Nations

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The 10 most powerful nations– 10 list

The great powers

Les grandes puissances (©  DR)

From 27 to 31 January 2010, thepoliticalandfinancialmajorpowerswill go to theDavos Economic ForuminSwitzerland.Then they will find themselves mostly to the vertices ofthe G8and theG20, in June,Canada.The opportunity to take the ranking oftennations mostwealthyof the world.

The ten most powerful nations

The U.S. – No. 1

Les Etats-Unis - N°1 (©  DR)

TheUnited Statesobviously come first in theranking.With agross domestic productof 14 264 billion in 2008, theAmericanscrushed the competition.GDP must be added the following four countries on the list to exceed the U.S. figure.
Nevertheless, Barack Obama must manage theeconomic recovery, after managing thecrisis.Thefinancesare not American at best: unemployment is around 10%, GDP fell by 5.7% in 2009.Only the inflation, thanks to the vigilance of the U.S. Federal Reserve and its director,Ben Bernanke(pictured) has not departed.

The ten most powerful nations

Japan – N ° 2

Le Japon - N°2 (©  DR)

The secondlargest economyworldwide isAsian.TheJapanese gross domestic productreached 4923 billion in 2008.Theinflationremains low andunemploymentis partially contained.Yet thePrime Minister Yukio Hatoyamahas replaced hisFinance Minister, Hirohisa Fujii(photo) has resigned for health reasons, exhausted by the difficult closure of the budget.His replacement,Naoto Kan, enters the scene when the Japanese airlineJALfiles for bankruptcy.

The ten most powerful nations

China – # 3

La Chine - N°3 (©  DR)

TheChinaclose behind theJapanese, with aGDPestimated at 4401 billion for 2008.China is a time ofgrowthirresistible that even the global recession has not been able to stop it.Chinese growth is 10%, an impressive figure.We thought China fragile, dependent on itsexports.She has not only crossed thecrisis, but the forecasts are good for 2010.Hu Jintao(photo),President of the Peoplehere at a summit of theAsia-Pacific Economic Cooperationcan look serenely 2010: Forecast good for China, which lends more and more widely inthe United States.

The ten most powerful nations

Germany-# 4

L’Allemagne- N°4 (©  DR)

The first European representative arrives at the fourth position, withGermany, whoseGDPin 2008 reached 3,667 billion.It’s a bad year for theeconomyin Germany: it represents a decline of 5% of GDP in one year.A dramatic decline caused by thecrisisand that does not inspire toAngela Merkel(pictured) thechancellor, the hope of a sudden and lasting improvement.At his wishes, she said that Germans should not “expect that access to economic weakness is quickly resolved.”

The ten most powerful nations

France – N ° 5

La France - N°5 (©  DR)

TheFranceis still the fifthworld power, and the second European representative.TheGDPamounted to 2 866 French billion.The deterioratingeconomyhas hit France hard less than their German neighbors, but it will still leave traces of his passage on theeconomyFrench: GDP contracted by 2.3% this year and the number ofunemploymentapproaching 10%.Despite the efforts ofNicolas Sarkozyand hisMinister of Economy Christine Lagarde, the timid signs of recovery.Christine Lagarde has still doubled the estimated number of French growth in 2010, from 0.75% to 1.4%.

The ten most powerful nations

UK – No. 6

Le Royaume-Uni  - N°6 (©  DR)

It is theUnited Kingdom, at the sixth position, close to France, with aGDPof 2313 billion.TheCityhas been hit hard by thecrashstock market, and that all theBritish economyhas plunged.GDP lost 4.7% in 2009 and should not exceed 0.8% in 2010 and 2011.The question of the deficit will be at the heart of the campaign forparliamentary elections, to be held by June.It will be time to take stock of thepoliticaleconomy ofFinance Minister Alistair Darlingand his predecessor who was for ten years in office,Gordon Brown, the current Prime Minister.

The ten most powerful nations

Italy – No 7

L’Italie - N°7 (©  DR)

This is theItalywhich occupies the sixth place in therankingofeconomiesthe most powerful.TheGDPrepresents Italian 2313 billion in 2008.In 2009, GDP would have lost 4.8%.The recovery looks weak in Italy: not more than 1% growth for both years to come.Thedebtis high and theinflationthreat.Silvio Berlusconiand hisFinance Minister Giulio Tremona(photo) should not count on favorable economic circumstances to theelectionsscheduled for 2011.

The ten most powerful nations

Russia – No 8

La Russie - N°8 (©  DR)

TheRussianreached the eighth place of therankingof the ten largesteconomieswith aGDPof 1.676 billion dollars in 2008.Thecrisishas driven down energy prices, the main resource of the Russian state, which reduced this figure by 8% in 2009.But the broader plan ofrecoveryestablished byPrime Minister Vladimir Putin(pictured) should begin to take its toll, andgrowthshould resume in Russian 3% from 2010.

The ten most powerful nations

Spain – N ° 9

L’Espagne - N°9 (©  DR)

TheSpainpresented the NinthGDPis the highest: 1 601 billion.The country has suffered the bursting of the bubble in the property sector, GDP fell by nearly 4% in 2009, and the crisis has already had a reasonFinance Minister,Pedro Solbes, who submitted his resignation in April.In December, in its Report on theeconomy, issued from the Moncloa Palace, the seat of the Presidency of the Spanish Government,Jose Luis Zapatero(pictured) said that the takeover was “very close”.But the austerity policies will be difficult to accept a Spanish company that has a high rate ofunemploymentof 18%

The ten most powerful nations

Brazil – No. 10

Le Brésil - N°10 (©  DR)

Lastcountryto join the list of the tenworld powers, theBrazilshows aGDPof 1572 billion, just ahead ofCanada.Brazil has not escaped the economic turmoil, but there is more resilient than others.If its GDP fell 4.8% in 2009, the economy has already taken and planned figures are reassuring: theWorld Bankhas estimated that the rate ofgrowthin Brazil is expected to be 5.8% in 2010, last the eight years that PresidentLulawill be spent at the head of the country.


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