Friday, December 15

Effect of The Green Tea

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In the United States, what Oprah Winfrey say is law. People tend to believe what ever she says and follow whatever she suggests. She is definitely a big factor in the election to office of Barrack Obama for starters. If Oprah says something negative about you, you are doomed. The good thing about her though is that she will never endorse anything she thinks will not work. To know it works, she will go through great lengths to find out. This makes her an authority to whatever she puts her mind on. One of the recent endorsements she made is the use of Green tea in the pursuit of weight loss and getting healthy.

In one of her shows, along with the expert on green tea, people learned that by replacing with green tea the daily coffee consumption of a person, 10 pounds may be lost in a matter of six weeks. He need not do anything else. The expert further explained that this is due to fact that coffee contains acids that can elevate the levels of blood sugar, insulin and cortisol. Insulin locks the person’s body fat. If instead of coffee you will drink green tea, you will still get your fair dose of caffeine but you will drop the levels of insulin causing the decrease in body fat. Likewise, green tea increases the body’s metabolism.

This one show is all it took and now, more and more people are switching to green tea as their weight loss product. Other celebrities who make use of green tea are Gwyneth Paltrow, Lindsay Lohan and Jennifer Lopez.


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