Sunday, December 17

Do You Know How to Pour a Perfect Glass of Champagne!

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Ensure that your New Year’s Eve celebrations go off without a hitch with simple champagne problem stoppers.

First forget to chill the bottle? Grab some salt! If midnight is approaching and the champagne is warm, simple place the bottle in an ice bucket and fill it up to the neck with layers of ice sprinkled with a few tablespoons of salt, then fill the rest with cool water. Salt lowers the freezing point of the water so your toasting wine will reach perfect serving temperature in just 10 minutes!

Has the bubble gone flat? Refizz it with raisins! If your champagne loses its sparkle before the bottle is finished then bring the bubbles back to life by dropping a few raisins in the bottle! Their wrinkly, bumpy surface attracts carbon dioxide ( the gas that creates the bubbles) instantly amping up the fizz!

Have you gotten bored with the same old sip? Impress guests with champagne cocktails! Make a splash with one or more of the easy recipes at Avalon and

To uncork the bottle remove the foil, untwist the wire securing the cork and wrap the bottle’s neck and cork in the dishtowel. Angling the bottle away from everyone, hold it firmly on a tabletop or countertop with one hand. With the other hand, grip the cork (still under the towel) and gently twist the bottle under the cork. Listen for the pop and pour! All text, descriptions, and pictures used here by Lee Ness are owned and copywrited by Lee Ness and may not be used without the express written permission of Lee Ness! Thank you for reading my article. Have a wonderful day. Lee Ness


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