Monday, December 18

Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, And Alicia Keys Missing?

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Alicia keys is the proud owner of an HIV/AID charity. She declared a challenge. One many took serious. Todays biggest celebrities were challenged to give up Facebook and Twitter until the charity foundation reached a high set goal of $1 million dollars. That goal was reached in three days thanks to many people and their efforts.

Timeline of events

December 1st- Keep A Child Alive charity set off Digital Life Sacrifice.

December 3rd- $183,966.00 Raised

December 6th- $1 Million dollar goal reached!

Top donator? <– No need to tell. Everyone put great effort and heartfelt donations into the charity.

Bonus: Cranberry Ginger Martini: Must Be 21!

Need a good idea for a mixed drink. Here is a recipe to add to your bar library.

Everything you need:

  • martini glass

  • appetite for an amazing drink

  • 2 t. grated ginger

  • 10 fresh cranberries

  • 4 oz. cranberry vodka

  • 2 t. lime juice

  • 2 t. cranberry juice

  • 2 t. of syrup

  • 2 t. sprite.

Mix ginger and cranberries together. Add ice (as much as you like) vodka, and all of your juices, and dont forget the syrup too. Shake or stir well. Very well! Strain into your glass. Add fresh craberries to your glass. Add the sprite. And finish with a straw or chug!

Its delicious!!

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