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Self Defence Irleland ,self Defence Dublin

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We are having am  Intensive Knife and Edged weapons Self Defence Dublin course
on Saturday Dec 4. This course will teach core Krav Maga Knife Defence skills.

This course will  also act as a refresher  for core Self Defence skills already though.

Krav Maga is considered to be the most effective martial art in the world.

It is open to all open to all who have taken our 12 week or 2 day course or who have are currently taking the 12 week course,
Key Topics covered
Surprise Surprise attacks

This section deal with the reality of knife attacks, you train for the few seconds the could save you knife.

Dealing with ‘Pumping style attacks’

In the real world you are not attacked my someone waving a knife, the attack will be tight.

Knife Threats

The key thing you need to know when threatened with a knife is that if you are shown the knife it is usually a weapon of intimidation

Slashing Attacks
Its important to know how to deal with swing wide knife attacks.

Attacks  with Bottle and Syringes
Attacks with bottle and syringes must are as dangerous as knife attacks.

Dealing with knife threats on the ground
One of the most dangerous situations you can be in is to be pinned on the ground with kinfe,

– Dealing with 2 attack
Dealing with 2 attackers is a critical skill when it comes to surviving a knife attack.


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