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Torrent Downloading

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Basics of Torrent Downloading

The era of technology to the core, speed to the extreme, logical thinking and decision making at its best. It’s hard to find a person nowadays who doesn’t use internet, and after the evolution of social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter, that criterion has become even smaller in size.

Many people using the internet download many applications and various other stuff from numerous websites. They also use torrent clients for download, because the resume supported download accelerators such as DAP, Orbit requires ‘one time use’ paid licenses to allow resume support, for a limited period of time (e.g. 6 months to 1 year) and if the computer crashes within that period, the license automatically expires and requires a new one to be reactivated. Also many websites does not allow resume support for downloading their contents.

This is where torrent comes into play. For the novice, it’s just adequate to know that torrent is all about sharing contents between different computers. It requires a client like Bit Torrent, Bit Tornado, etc. to download data to our HDD and send some data to others’ HDD.

Starting with a torrent client Bit Torrent (maybe it’s the best we can get, easy to use and most importantly, it’s free too). Start by configuring it. Many people all over the world using torrents should get a download speed equal to their usual download speeds while using torrents. But many people complain about this fact. The reason behind this is that they are unable to configure it properly.

Configuration for Bangladesh (will work for India and countries beside it)

1.      Set the closest location of the server to which you will have to connect to download data from. In this case, it’s either Greece or France. Check with both and see which gives you the better bandwidth. Hit the ‘Save & Exit’ button.

2.      Now you’re ready to go. Download a .torrent file and add it to the torrent client manager (Bit Torrent download list). Click on start download. It will take a moment to connect to the server.

3.      The most important factor of torrent downloading is seeds. These are people who are willing to share data. If there are enough seeds connected with the torrent client, you will get a download speed close or equal to your usual download speed. Peers are those who are downloading data from you. So they don’t matter that much.

CAUTION: Always use trusted torrent sites to avoid getting virus attack on your PC

Consider the time of other countries with your local time. Download torrents when you the servers are supposed to have minimum or no load. At that time you will get a lot of seeds and peers connected to you. Try it and you won’t be disappointed.

Please Note: You will never get a constant speed for 24 hours. Depending on the availability and allocated bandwidth there will be a resultant download speed.

There is always a threat of catching a virus infection while using torrents. Its best to keep your firewall turned on. Never switch it off, even if the torrent download manager notifies you of incoming connections being blocked. Nowadays antivirus softwares have their own built-in firewall. Add the torrent downloading manager as an exception to the “windows firewall exceptions” list as well as to the antivirus firewall’s exception list. Now you’re absolutely safe to download using the torrents.


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