Friday, December 15

Secrets of Msn Part-1

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One Passport Takes You Everywhere

If you’ve used MSN at all, here’s something you’ve probably noticed—you have to sign in to do just about anything. It’s actually the same across all Microsoft sites; Microsoft tracks your access through a service called Microsoft Passport.

Passport (technically called .NET Passport) offers password-protected service to all of Microsoft’s Web sites, including MSN. You sign up for Passport once, and then you can enter any Microsoft site by entering your Passport name and password.

In fact, if you already have a Hotmail or MSN e-mail account, you already have a Passport: it’s your e-mail address.There’s no charge to get a Passport name and password. You can sign up at any number of sites, including the main Passport site at (Any time you enter a members-only area of MSN you’ll be prompted to enter or sign up for your Passport account.) You can even create special Kids Passport accounts for your children, which helps MSN and other sites obtain parental consent before collecting personal information.

You’ll need a Passport account to take full advantage of MSN. Go ahead and sign up when you’re prompted—it’s free. Then you’ll only have to remember a single name and password whenever you’re prompted to log in, whever you goon MSN.

Find the One Page That Links to Everything

Unlike Yahoo!, which provides easy-to-remember URLs and keywords for direct access to all of its different sites and services, MSN pretty much forces you to return to its home page to access its various content channels. Unless, that is, you know the one page that contains links to the rest of the MSN site,and bookmark that page in your browser.The page you want is the MSN Quick Links page, located at Not an easy-to-remember address, for sure, which is why you want to bookmark it. This page contains direct links to all the important pages in the MSN network, including the various MSN worldwide sites.


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