Monday, December 18

How to Stay Motivated to Exercise.

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Exercise is the biggest thing now a day. Everyone wants to lose weight and to exercise and to look like a super model. But people just cannot find the motivation to work at it and to dedicate time out of their busy days to work out. People want a quick fix and with weight loss there is no quick fix, it take dedicated hard work and exercise to see the results that you want. It is just that people cannot find that motivation to keep going. They will start for a day or two then stop because they are no longer motivated.

So, how to keep yourself motivated to lose weight; set a goal. That’s the easiest thing. Set a goal, a weight goal, an inch goal and a time goal. Tell yourself exactly how many pounds you want to lose, and how many inches you want to lose by a certain date. Keep that date in your mind at all times. Have a prize for yourself at that date. Set up a first second and third prize. If you meet or surpass your goal you obviously get first prize the thing you really want. If you come close to your goal you get the second place prize, something you like. And if you lose some weight but do not get all that close to the goal you get the third prize something you enjoy. The prizes should be things that you want bad enough that you will work to get them. And with the first second and third prize you will be even more dedicated to make it to your goal but if you happen to fall short you still congratulate yourself with a prize.

People say the scale is a bad thing but I say otherwise, if it is pound you are wanting to lose then get on that scale every few days, to see how you are progressing. If you see yourself losing the weight then of course you will be happy and keep at it. If you see you are not losing weight like you had hoped then you’re more likely to step it up a notch and work that much harder.

Set a goal for yourself and keep your eyes on the prize. Look at that end date and just imagine how you will look and feel when you have succeeded. 

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