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The Beauiful City of Canterbury

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The City of Canterbury is situated with the Kent countryside and seaside resorts very close to it. When you visit you will marvel at the architecture, there is a famous building that leans right over as you drive towards the St Peter’s area. The main shops in Canterbury are situated in an area with cobbled streets, and half way up, there is the river, and the famous ducking stool from years gone by.

River trips are available, and the river meanders amongst the lovely Kent countryside, which certainly earns its name as the Garden of England. It is both tranquil and relaxing when you leave the hub of Canterbury behind you , if this is what you desire.

Canterbury Cathedral is a wonderful example of British Architecture at its best, and is well worth a visit inside. The setting , amongst the cobbled streets, makes one feel that any minute now, you will encounter someone from a bygone era,  and indeed there are ” the Canterbury Tales.” where people dress in period costume to take you on a tour, and explain the history of Canterbury.

It was on the steps of Canterbury Cathedral where Thomas Beckett was murdered in 1170.  Many tourists from all countries visit Canterbury, and student groups can often be seen walking round the town. They are well catered for if they want mementos of their visit, as there are lots of little shops packed with a wealth of souvenirs to please everyone.

When I go shopping, I have found a place to park which is free. It does involve a fifteen minute walk to the main shops, but as it takes me along the river banks, and through beautiful  public gardens full of flowers, I certainly do not complain, because it is so beautiful. Whether it is summer or winter, you will always find flowers in the gardens and along the river bank, which helps to keep the experience of visiting Canterbury  such a joy.

If you prefer to shop in modern stores, then Canterbury can fulfill that as well, with DEBENHAMS, BRITISH HOME STORES,  MARKS AND SPENCERS, AND NASONS, just to name a few of the well known department stores. There are many eating places, great pubs with atmosphere, all the main supermarkets, and even fashion outlets such as MATALAN AND TK MAX.

If you like leisure facilities, there is a swimming pool and all amenities, including the Marlowe Theatre, which has staged many great plays and pantomimes over the years, lovely parks and gardens for walking in, and of course the beautiful river running right through the middle of it.  The only downside is because it’s such a popular place, Canterbury is always busy, and the roads  are full of cars, although it is not as bad as London.

I have visited many cities in England whilst on holiday, but can honestly say, that in my opinion, Canterbury has it all, and I am so delighted that it is so accessible to me. Go there yourself and see, you won’t be disappointed.

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