Sunday, December 17

Put a Twist on Your Breakfast Cereal

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I like breakfast cereal, especially the crunchy, muesli type cereals. Cereal makes for a quick, filling, healthy breakfast, but there’s one problem where I’m concerned. I don’t like milk. I can manage a little in tea, and I enjoy milk puddings and sauces made with milk, but milk on its own just doesn’t float my boat – or my cereal, for that matter.

If you’re watching your weight, a healthy, filling breakfast makes a great start to the day, and cereal is quick and easy to serve if time is short. Here’s how I make my cereal more enjoyable – why not try some of these ideas for yourself?

Add yogurt or fromage frais

Low fat yogurt or fromage frais is an excellent alternative to milk, and you still get your extra calcium. I alternate between flavoured yogurts and natural ones, for variety. On natural yogurt days, I drizzle on a little orange blossom honey, which is produced in the orange groves where I live in Spain, then sprinkle on a little ground nutmeg or ginger. It makes for a tasty breakfast, and the yogurt adds extra filling power.

Get fruity

Depending on the type of cereal, I’ll also add some dried fruit or fresh fruit. Strawberries, bananas, apricots, cherries, grapes – whatever is in season finds its way into my cereal bowl. We get some enormous raisins here, as well as fresh dates and figs, so there’s always plenty to choose from to augment my cereal breakfast.

Juice it up

Crunchy cereals are also great served with freshly squeezed orange juice. It’s no good for flaky cereals, as they’ll go soggy before you eat them. Juice gives the cereal a tangy taste, and it also works well with pineapple, apple or grapefruit juice, although orange is my favourite one.

Spread it about

If you enjoy biscuit type cereals such as Shredded Wheat or Weetabix, why not try them spread with honey, butter, pate or cheese spread? It makes a tasty change. One of my favourite ways to serve weetabix is to spread the biscuits with low fat cheese spread such as Philadelphia, then top with sliced raw mushrooms or peppers. Deliciously different, low fat and filling.

I hope I’ve shown you that cereals and milk is not an exclusive, everytime combination. Look in your fridge and cupboards and see what partners you can come up with for your morning cereal. Happy eating!


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