Tuesday, December 12

How to Deal With Unhappy Customers

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When you work in any type of business you are bound to have to deal with unhappy customers. It is a natural aspect to any business, some people are just hard to please and other will never be happy no matter what you do to try and make things right. There is an art when dealing with unhappy customers. Its takes a lot to stay positive and upbeat when dealing with someone that is unhappy and negative. You have to handle things carefully or run the risk of making things worse. So here are some tips to help with dealing with unhappy customers.

You must apologize no matter what it is about you must say you’re sorry many, many times. Ask the customer what exactly happened. Get their full story and listen to them and make sure you have all the facts right. When something goes wrong a customer above all else wants to be heard out they want someone to listen to them. Ask them what exactly they want in order to fix the problem. If you are able to give them what they want then do it and again apologize. If they ask for something you cannot give them, suggest another offer to try and fix the problem.

If the customer is asking you questions that you do not have the answer to tell them that you honestly do not know. Do not try and make stuff up just to make them go away because it can come back to you and make you look like a fool or worse cost you your job. If do not have an answer then say so, then direct them to someone who can help. If you show them to someone else, because you are unable to help, you explain the customers’ problem to your superior so the customer does not have to repeat his or herself, and this will show the customer that you were truly listening and wanting to help them.

When a customer is upset you must do everything you can to help them, do not just pawn them off to someone else because you are lazy that gives your establishment a bad rap. Listen to the customer and try and come up with a solution that will make everyone happy. 

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