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Best Free Online Weight Loss Programmes

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Weight loss is big business, but you don’t need to spend Pounds Stirling in order to lose Pounds Adipose. Used carefully, the internet can be a dieter’s best friend, and there are lots of free online weight loss programmes out there. Here are just some of the best ones.


This programme revolves around the free diet and eercise journal, which helps you to track your weight, foods, exercise, and progress. Once you create your free FitDay account, you’ll have access to all the site’s features, including articles on nutrition and dietary analysis.

FitDay can be used in conjunction with any diet plan, and once you start filling in your online dieting journal, FitDay will analyse your progress and provide reports to help you amend your diet if necessary, as well as predicting long term weight loss trends based on the information you provide. This programme is good for those who like to be involved in their weight loss programme rather than be presented with meal plans. It’s not so good if you’re not prepared to be scrupulously honest about your eating habits.

If you like to see at a glance how things are progressing with your weight loss campaign, this site could be for you. Start with your goal weight, and then decide how long you want to take to get there. Then you’ll be able to plan your meals and exercise schedule using the free diet calendar.

All this can be done simply on one screen, and you’ll be able to track your progress using the site’s exclusive charts and graphs. This will give you a visual picture of how your diet is progressing. For eample, you may want to find out which meal provides most of your daily calories. is gimmick free and straighforward, and if there is an upgrade for around $30 a year to use more site features.For most people, though, the free membership should do everything you require.

Diet Bites

This site is good for those who need help getting started, but want to work with a no-fad diet based on the healthy eating food pyramid. Diet Bites provides 30 sample meal plans, which will get you through your first month of dieting. Meal plans range from 1000 calorie diet plans right up to 2000 calories, and there are literally thousands of articles and dieting tips available on the site.

The great thing about Diet Bites is that, unlike the other sites I’ve reviewed, you don’t need to create an account to access all the information, so you can surf the site to decide if it’s for you before committing yourself to membership. Diet Bites is a fun, friendly site with lots of serious advice to help you lose weight. It’s good for people who prefer to work with meal plans rather than work out their own eating plan, and there are lots of motivational stories.

For my money – even though I don’t need to spend any – Diet Bites offers the best free online weight loss programme. It’s low on fancy graphics but high on information and inspiration. Check it out soon, and have fun while you lose weight.


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