Tuesday, December 12

How to Deal With Stress at Works

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Work is work and stress is a natural thing to happen at the work place. But how can you deal with all that stress and not blow up in your bosses face? Many people find ways to deal some are simple and some are extravagant. I’ll give you some tricks that can help you deal with the stress of the work day.

Many people find comfort of a stress ball; one of those nice squishy balls that you pump with your hand to release all that pent up rage and stress. They are cheap and pretty fun to play with. Something else you can do to release stress is to listen to relaxing music. It doesn’t have to be classical music just something that will relax you. I have many friends that hard rock is a comforting music for them. If you work in a cubicle have a pair of slippers under your desk to wear during the day. Having to be stuck in the painful business shoes and cause so much discomfort that you will be amazed at how much better you feel just wearing slippers when sitting at your desk. Have other fun little kid games to mess with during the day. Play with a slinky when talking on the phone. Chocolate is a great stress reliever, have a candy bar after you get some bad news from the boss; it always makes things feel better. Play little games with your coworkers. Like a guess who game. Leave little notes on your neighbors’ computer when they leave it and they have to try and figure out who it was. If you can find ways to laugh during the day you will be happier and less uptight.

There are many ways to relieve stress at work, it all takes some imagination; and indulging on those children like instincts like playing with slinky or wearing slippers will go a long way. Work is boring when you have to act like an adult all the time, bring the kid in you out and have some fun with your coworkers, nothing that will distract from your work but just have some laughs. 

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