Tuesday, December 12

I Prefer Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

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You will find it easier to take care of gas permeable contact lenses or oxygen permeable contacts as compared to other kinds of contacts, even soft contact lenses.  Gas Permeable or GP contact lenses are crafted from a blend of silicon and fluorine which basically means that you won’t as much protein deposits as in other kinds of contacts. In case you are facing protein deposit on your contacts, GP contact lenses will get rid of this problem to a great extend.

You will have to clean your GP lenses regularly to maintain a protein free lens and comfort when you wear them.  It is much easier and faster to clean GP contact lenses and they also have a longer life. There are several contact lenses users who find gas permeable contact lenses a very good option.

In case you are already using GP contact lenses or are planning to get them, you will have to keep saline drops or re-wetting solution in case the contacts begin to get dry. Whenever your eyes start feeling dry, the drops can be used to moisten them and keep the contact lenses comfortable. You can use re-wetting drops with soft lenses also.  Eye dryness is common when you use contacts and you must always keep re-wetting drops.

You must clean, rinse and dry GP contact lenses at night when you have worn them through day. Make sure that you use the correct solution for cleaning your contacts and not water as water can harm the material. Select the solutions according to the kind of contacts and the brand you are using.  It should not burn the eyes, or be uncomfortable.

GP contact lenses can be fitted at the optician if he thinks it is right for you. In most cases GP contact lenses are for people who have used contacts for some time and are older and have suffered from previous eye problems. There lenses are strong and are excellent for daily use.

In case you have been looking for a pair of good contact lenses which will not disappoint you then GP contact lenses is just what you need. You can buy them at local stores or even online and they cost around the same as soft lenses.  GP contact lenses are more durable than soft lenses and you will not have to buy them as often. You have to take good care of the GP contact lenses for them to last for a long time. You will realize the worth of the gas permeable contact lenses once you have used them and maybe you will never want to use any other contact lens again.


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