Wednesday, December 13

Have You Got Your Exercise Balls

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Exercise balls which are a relatively new concept are a very innovative ways of exercising. They are available in bright and attractive shades and you are sure to like them. It was introduced by a few medical therapists from Switzerland and the main advantage of the exercise balls is that offers support during exercise.

When you work on the exercise balls it helps to tone and strengthen all the main body muscles. The exercise balls have a soft texture making it a great option for Yoga positions and using dumbbells.

These exercise balls are very durable and keep their shape even under pressure.  The manual which comes with the exercise balls will give you the test load figures for the amount of weight exercise balls can hold.  The best part is that the exercise balls offer soft and firm support which doesn’t injure your body.

Exercise balls are available in many different finishes and colors. In fact you can buy exercise balls to match your room. It is easy to store them and you can also keep them under the table or bed. If you are not using them your kids can play with them.  They will not do any harm to the kids.

Exercise balls were initially developed as a medical equipment to use in therapy, for supporting the body while exercising. They offer body support when a person performs a particular exercise in an explicit position and needs to keep the balance. Typically exercise balls are designed with burst proof latex or other safe materials.

There are a number of postures in yoga and some muscle toning exercises which can only be performed with some support and exercise balls are very useful for these postures. With exercise balls you will feel stable while doing the exercise which you may not feel on the floor.

Your body maintains balance on the exercise balls by responding to instability automatically which helps in strengthening even the muscles which are not participating in routine actively.

Exercise balls are very useful in physiotherapy treatment and they can help in eliminating spinal and backache issues. There is a short range of movement and it adjusts the spine balance by exercising on the exercise ball to reduce back pain.

Exercise ball routine is for individuals with back pain to offer than easy methods to get back to normal movements after experiencing back pain. This also improves muscle strength, flexibility and spine movement during treatment.


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