Thursday, December 14

A Sizzling Pre-Nuptial Wedding Video

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Anyone knows about Pre-nuptial wedding video which is really aggressive and sizzling? I for one have seen a lot of sample pre-nuptial wedding videos of friends which are made like a fairy tale story and some more of a typical like tweetums but it was really nice and simple.

I was asking myself if I could direct one as a DIY thing which I will just ask a friend or a family member to shoot the video but the concept of the material would be mine. If you are into videography you would definitely know what I am taking about Pre-nuptial wedding videos.

In the Philippines, it is already a trend to have Photo-Video Coverage with complete package of Pre-Nuptial Photos and Pre Wedding Videos which you could show to your family and friends during a recession.

Some video samplers can be made as a STD (Save the Date) to invite friends and family on the said big date. Another type of video which is edited is the OTD video or On-site-On the Day video which happened during the wedding and your visitors would be so delighted to see them as part of that great event.

There are rumors that some pre-nuptial wedding videos will now come so daring, bold and aggressive which will not appeal to the mass or public. But certain things apply here, first are the bride’s taste and second are the decision of couples. If they want their videos to end up like soft porn or something, well we cannot blame them if that is their choice. But as for me, I wanted to make a video that most of my friends and family would give me their two thumbs up.

It can always be my decision of a good to laugh video rather than a shocking video that kids on my reception would need to close their eyes because of some unnecessary scenes which will never be suitable for kids. Pardon me for being honest but as a bride-to-be, I don’t like a pre-nuptial wedding video which is going to be aggressive and bold or so sexy and hot. I do believe that wedding moments are to be wholesome and spare the intimate moments behind the curtains and not in the public eye to feast.

All of us have our own opinion and entitled to express it as long as we don’t aggravate someone below the belt or the law. Below is a sample controversial pre-wedding video which for you to like or unlike. I have nothing against the celebrity or course.


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