Wednesday, December 13

Is Writing Article Hard?

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All I can say is writing articles are not as hard as you think it is, otherwise, there will not be pay per view program existing in our world wide web or any money making programs that are utilizing this type of business model. However, there are of course, many different type of writing form available ranging from the simplest one to the extremely difficult case. Let’s us briefly go through them.

One of the most common one that we have seen is article writing which required a certain Styles, i.e. expository, descriptive, narrative and persuasive, Expressions, i.e. sad, happy, exciting, interesting, mysterious, scary, and Formats i.e. words restrictions, for instance 250 – 500 words and so forth as from the program requirements. Well, another type of writing form might be business newsletter which they mostly emphasize on effectiveness and the ability of capturing potential customers into their business by including appealing taglines and easily understood terms. Of course, if possible, you might also want to try a few courses that specifically trained specialists in doing so. By doing this, individuals are able to cope with the market demands and are able to target on specific niches.

The most challenging forms would be technical writing and/or journal. I understand that most of my friends found them rather boring as the terms used are not easily understood and be defined by non-technical savvy. Furthermore, the words requirements can be hundreds to a few pages long and are monitored in a very stringent manner by panels, boards etc. Therefore, it is the due diligence and professionalism of the writers to keep up with his/her work so that our technology advancement can be assured. Big thanks to them!


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