Thursday, December 14

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When the idea popped up on writing articles, I didn’t really know what to start with, some things I started were things I always wanted to write about. A few other passions of me like brass bands.

But well I decided to make a blog with reviews on games, not the usual commercially influenced soft reviews that most gaming sites have, but the harsh naked truth of the games.

Also to have a bit of variation in articles I’ll do retrospectives on games I’ve played and other games that were important in the gaming world.

And ofcourse I’ll compare older games with new games: See what real improvements are there taken into account the improvement of the computer itself. Better graphics because of better computer doesn’t make it a great achievement of a game designer. I can drive faster with a Ford Mondeo than with a Ford T. There is no art in that.

I’ve seen the gaming industry going down in the last decade with very few games being of real good gameplay value. Let’s see a very simple game, with bad graphics. But well:  721654. For a game in a real marketing environment where money is spent on advertising rather than on the game itself.

I’m not here to persaude you into buying this or that game, I won’t even pretend to help you in the gaming choice you make, I don’t care if you buy the newest Barbie game.

Hopefully you will get some good reads and have some fun while doing so. Oh I won’t do previews of new games, I hate that, seeing unfinished products or demos specially prepared for the press with all the best bits, so the rest is just a mere disappointment.

Till the next read!


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