Monday, December 11

Hair And Its Care

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Are you ruining your hair in the name of beauty?

BT lists various you could be going wrong.


There is nothing worse than bleach­ing. This method pene­trates the cuticle with chemicals and removes your natural pigment. Bleaching also tends to change the structure of your hair, making it more easy to get damaged and weak. If you are one of those who regularly straightens or blow dries the hair, you can expect hair breakage and split ends.


 Perming is another chemical method of altering the hair struc­ture by breaking the inner bonds and re-forming them. This weakens your hair, leaving it dull and damaged over time. Deep conditioning your locks before and after the process can help.

 Highlights and coloring:

 Highlights aren’t as damaging as bleach, but they can also change the inner structure of the hair, causing it to turn brittle and dry. Avoid frequent coloring of hair to hide grEys and try using an herbal dye instead.

 Ironing and blow-dry­ing:

 In order to keep your hair healthy and shiny, it’s best to avoid any styling tools like the hairdryer and instead allow hair to dry naturally. If you absolutely can’t manage without your hairdryer, use the lowest setting possible. Heat caus­es changes to the hydrogen bonds that hold the hair together and can perma­nently ruin it.

Excessive brushing:

 If you are one of those who believe 100 strokes a day . makes the hair shiny, stop now! Excessive brushing or combing can cause seri­ous damage. Your hair is at, its weakest when it is wet. Use a wide-toothed comb or a brush with natural fibres to gently take off the knots.

Hair accessories:

Go slow on all those hair pins, clips and rubber bands, they could be doing more harm than you know Hair accessories generally hold the hair so tightly that it can cause it to break. Avoid rubber bands to tie a pony­tail. Use a cloth scrunchie or loose fitting clip instead. Braiding or doing a tight bun can also ruin your locks. It’s best to leave it open from time to time.

Use the lowest setting possible of your hairdryer.



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