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Coca Cola’s The Happiness Machine Voted The Top Buzz Creator of 2010

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Considering that the impact of word of mouth considerably outweighs advertising in social media with 78% of customers listening more to peer recommendations, it’s certainly a big deal for companies when they are able to successfully create social media campaigns that people are driven to promote and like.

With this in mind, we decided to launch our survey of the Top Buzz Creators of 2010.  For a period of three weeks we hosted a survey on our blog to see which social media campaign from 2010 would emerge as the Top Buzz Creator out of a pre-selected list of campaigns.  The global survey was launched on the 10th of November and voting ended on the 2nd of December.  Based on the results of the survey, here are some key take-a-ways:

    * One does not even have to promote a campaign in order to win the hearts, the likes and the views that make a success.  Taking into account that viral videos can happen without any promotion, it was unsurprising to find that the Top Buzz Creator of 2010 according to our survey is none other than Coca Cola with its campaign, The Happiness Machine.  Coca Cola and Definition 6 did not spend a single cent on promotions for the video.  All it took was a single tweet and a single status update and voila, a viral hit was born, obtaining a million hits in one week and top spot on our survey.

    * …But promotion through humor and amusement can help.  Old Spice went out with an amusing commercial, but through their response campaign, which was a mix of visual humor, witty remarks and funny insights (“is there a ‘Girl Kawasaki’?”) Old Spice through Isaiah Mustafa aka Old Spice Guy, managed to capture people’s attention, striking gold out of a three day campaign and second place on our survey.

    * Successful social media campaigns can be hosted offline as well.  With the massive Spots versus Stripes campaign by Cadbury, the online and offline participation and hype helped it become a success, earning the campaign a massive online following and third place on our survey.  Encouraging friendly competition offline and online is helping this campaign sustain its popularity as well as encouraging the imagination of people everywhere.

    * Negative feedback can also earn you points.  Gap’s logo change may have sparked an online furor, but it got people talking about the brand, and it got people to show the brand some love by standing by the old logo.  With minimal effort, Gap managed to revitalize its image to the public.

    * Videos make lasting impressions.  Both of the top two campaigns utilized videos to impart their message, with Coca-Cola maximizing on a ‘reality’ slant showing actual reactions of the students in the university, and Old Spice maximizing on a ‘interactive’ slant, responding to tweets and messages and even performing a proposal for a fan.  These campaigns succeeded because they managed to create a lasting impression with just one video.

The ranking of the campaigns are below, arranged according to the most number of votes received:

1.    Coca Cola
2.    Old Spice
3.    Cadbury
4.    Gap
5.    Pepsi Cola
6.    American Apparel
7.    The Last Exorcism
8.    Ford
9.    Life in a Day
10.  Gillette

The share of votes for each campaign, in percentages is as follows:

Do you agree with our results?  Let us know in the comments below.


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