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Growing a Good Looking And Very Tasty Meal

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A Cress needs not only to look good but also to taste good. This are the ends we want to achieve whenever we to start growing the seeds we planted. So the first step is to know the means to do it.

Enjoying our very own watercress by means of planting is not an impossible task to do. The process is actually easy and because of the fast growth rate of the plant it will not be long before you will enjoy the fruits of your labor. Listed below are the things that you should do.

To start, sow the watercress seeds in pots filled with soil. The ideal soil to use must be garden soil that had been mixed with fertilizer, and limestone. Then water the seed regularly.

At the first few days the plant needs constant attention because it is at this time that the seed starts a critical moment of its growth to become plants. So put the seedlings outdoors but in a shaded area not directly having contact with the sun.

And eventually if the plant taker cared for it properly, after the plant matures enough it would be ready for harvest. It would just be a mater of time before it leaves the pot and into the plate then to the stomach.

There are some considerations when planting. Keep in mind that there are three main elements that affect the growing cycle which are light, water and temperature. The effect is if it is winter the growing cycle is 7 days, while 5 days if summer.

When the temperature is warm, that means that more water is evaporating, so the seed needs to be watered more often. During winter, when it is quite cold put the seed in a warm place or give it extra light to make sure the leaves open and grow properly.

The author is a nutritionist and is currently working for a non-profit health care corporation. For more information about the topic, visit the following link: Watercress Recipes


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