Tuesday, December 12

How to Conquer Jealousy

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Jealousy is a normal emotion that we fill especially when we are into a relationship. It’s something inevitable, especially to those who are at a young age where getting jealous is pretty straightforward. We must carefully handle this emotion since it may be a simple emotion that we sometimes take for granted but when it burst out, it may lead us to a situation we don’t want to be with. Properly handling jealousy requires constant practice. It’s not something that is learned over night. You have to be cautious and watchful for the time you get jealous then with those experiences, try to conquer it slowly. Dealing with this emotional will be a hard task but the results for conquering jealousy would surely be beneficial to your relationship.    

Here are the things you can follow to conquer jealousy:

1.) Determine what is causing your jealousy.

  • Partner talking with opposite sex – I guess this is something that everyone had experience. The reason might be we are afraid that our partner will be attracted with other. This could be because you have seen other relationship falling down because there partner met someone like a childhood friend then eventually falling for one another and leaving your friend in pieces.

  • Partner talking with friends with opposite sex – Friends will always surround your partner. You cannot deny your partner the freedom to be with friends and acquaintances that will surely choke your partner. Give your partner space and time to be with friends. That would also be important for your partners’ social life.  

2.) Know  what you can do to redirect your thoughts.

  • Prepare your self for the times when the feeling of jealousy will arise. List the things that you can do to combat this struggle. An example would be holding your partners hand when you are jealous, it works for me so why not try it yourself. It will give you that feeling your partner will never leave you. Use your creativity when looking for a solution; we vary on a lot of things. Surely you will find your own way.

  • Keep that faith and trust to your partner, the situation will be a lot lighter for you if you have genuine trust. Build that trust; never let it be rusted by jealousy. Practice feeling that trust every time you got jealous. 

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