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Forget a Porsche, a Ferrari or a Customized Tractor; When I Grow Up Am Going to Get Me an Airbus A380 Superjumbo

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Yes, I said it: I am going to travel the world in the largest bird currently known to man, the airbus a380 airplane. I don’t care that it is supposed to carry 500 plus passengers per flight; I am going to lift it up in the air and soar, as my Superjumbo is special. It is a green plane. 

No, I am not talking about its color, but this colossus of an airplane is also environmentally friendly.

 But first, I have to grow up. For now, I can only but dream of that first flight inside my airbus a380 Superjumbo.

I don’t want a Porsche or a Ferrari and only dream of the airbus a380 airplane

Like that farm-boy from South Africa, Louis Oosthuizen who plays Golf so well that he conquered St. Andrews and won the British Open by what they call seven strokes, when I grow up; I will not buy a Porsche , a Ferrari neither will I buy  a customized tractor like him. In all dimensions, 850,000 pounds is a lot of money, isn’t it? Never mind that , this Oosthuizen fellow, with that in his pocket, went for the customized tractor. Along the way, he mumbled something about how he and his daughter were going to have plenty of fun with it in their farm.

I don’t understand that. I may comprehend it, but not understand it. Even where I am from, we aknowledgethat ‘kila nyani na njaro yake’ which loosely translates to: Every monkey has its on way of ‘chilling’/ hanging position on the tree, it makes me wonder how much I really have to grow up, if I am to attain my dream of having my own airbus a380 superjumbo. So I prefer to explain this with the commener saying and labelOosthuzien’s actions as a simple case of: Of fathers and their daughters?

You see, Louis Oosthuizen has grown up, I saw his picture in my newspaper when he and other South African young golfers won the All Africa Games title in 2001. I bet that image didn’t travel far; at least not as far as my airbus a380 superjumbo will be able to travel. But then, Louis Oosthuizen was called an amateur. An amateur golfer, fresh faced and eager to take on the world of golfing and follow in the steps of  the man whose academy had given Oosthuizen a firm golfing foundation- top South African golfer Ernie Ells.

Soon after his conquest of the green at the British Open in Saint Andrew’s,  I heard that Oosthuizen made his way to  Stockholm, Sweden. Where yet again as he fights out with leading fellow professional golfers in the Scandinavian Masters at the Bro Hof Slott course, he might grow up again.

I also hear that Oosthuzien, traveled there in a private jet. Some experience for him, he confessed. But as good a golfer as he is, knowing which size of golf club to pick for the perfect flight of the ball in the greens, I must say that he has confused the sizes this time.

Louis Oosthuizen bought the wrong big thing. May be, it is because he still  has to grow up too; but in case he does and becomes like that prince from Saudi Arabia-Prince Al Walid, I will tell him of the enchanting beauty of the big big big airbus a380 airplane. Yes, big is beautiful.

The Interior of the airbus a380

This airbus a380 plane has an upper and lower deck. It is rumoured that Prince Al Walid’s petrodollars could afford a staircase to the upper deck, he didn’t need the cargo area below either, so he added another staircase leading to his playroom below. Throw in a host of LCD monitors, a dinning area that can seat 14 , a stateroom, several VIP guest rooms and lavatories, and you have a flying palace.

I envy this Prince, all that space for himself. You see, when airbus engineered this superjumbo, they went out of the way to be generous. As they themselves put it


|The A380’s twin-aisle, twin-deck passenger cabin offers the long-distance traveller a whole new level of comfort. A cabin designed around needs of passengers today and tomorrow provides the latest comfort standards – with wider seats and aisles, plus more space regardless of class of ticket. Optional lower deck use for rest areas, business, bar or other amenities can further enhance the A380 travel experience.|


For those who like figures, in terms of cabin width, the main deck of the airbus a380 superjumbo stretches to 6.54m while the upper deck is narrower at 5.80m. In terms of cabin length, the main deck: 49.90m with the upper deck of the airbus a380 airplane, a tad shorter at 44.93m. Prince Al walid gladly excepted the generous offer, dug into his estimated $29.5 Billion estate and set the interior of his superjumbo fit for his guests and fellow members of the Saudi Royal family.

May be if I grow up, like him, I will have my seat in that superjumbo. Just think of it, dinner then maybe a game of pool followed by a drink at the bar. All this high up in the sky with my friends in my airbus a380 superjumbo….I  Like the sound of it already.

Why the airbus a380 superjumbo is a favourite of major airlines. They all want one like me.

Airbus a380 superjumbo is as cool as its name :: The airbus a380 airplane is green, and green is cool. Every corporation, government and business out there wants to be green. In case you took a flight to Pluto and you have just landed back on mother earth, going Green is all about caring for mother nature: Being environmentally friendly so to say. Airbus, the manufacturers of the superjumbo were not to be left behind by the cool train express. On their website, they wax lyrical about the airplane “By producing only about 75g of CO2 per passenger kilometre – well below current international limits – the A380 is helping the aviation industry’s commitment to minimise greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the stringent ISO 14001 corporate certification awarded to Airbus recognises the company’s use of a robust Environmental Management System to minimise the environmental impact of the A380 throughout its life cycle.”

Airbus a380 brings in the money ::With all that space, you can pack in 870 passengers at a go, all travelling economy, but with comfort unparalleled beforeThe distance? Not to be worried about. In fact, simple me thinks the whole shebang about wide aisles, more leg room, wider seats, a multitude of windows to let in natural design are all aimed at making it possible for passengers enjoy the driving force behind engineering the superjumbo: More distance and more passengers. For the ilk of Singapore airlines, Qatar airlines and Emirates airlines, the mathematics is simple: More passengers+unparalleled comfort+ frills like an in flight salon and/or bar+ longer distances+ fuel efficiency per passengers= larger market share= more revenues which can easily be translated into profits.  

The Engineering feat that the airbus a380 plane is: A guide for Dummies

  • Manufactured by airbus, a division of the EADS Key feat in design appears to be the long wing span; stretching 79.8m. 
  • The wingspan is reputed to be able to hold 50 small cars parked side to side

  • This advantage offered by the larger wings enables higher carrying capacity. 

  • At its peak, the 800 passengers the airbus a380 comfortably carries is twice the capacity of its rival- the Boeing 747-400

  • The a380 superjumbo is manufactured in 16 destinations spread around Europe: Hamburg in Germany, Bristol and Broughton in Northern Wales, Saint-Nazaire in Western France, Bordeaux, langdon,Toulousse and Cadiz Southern Spain among them.
  • First passenger plane with passenger cabins along the length of twin decks

  • The airbus a380, is the first commercial passenger plane capable of utilising the environmentally friendlyGTL based fuel.
  • Capable of flying 15,200kms– from Boston to Hongkong– cruising at a speed of 0.85 Mach (900km/hr or 560mph). 

Some Pictures of the airbus a380 superjumbo to marvel at   Need I say more? I think my case has been aptly settled.


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