Monday, December 18

How to Know if She’s The One For You

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Guys are born seekers. We always look and search for things that would make us feel contented and indisputably happy. This might be the reason why we keep on jumping from one relationship to another in the search for that someone who can make us feel contented. Finding that girl might take time, that would normally be up to you. But what if you think you have found the right girl, how will you now that she’s the one. If you are in this situation read further.

1.) The feeling is unusual.

Just by merely seeing her makes your days complete. A thought of her can bring a smile on your face. These experiences would tell you that there is something in here that interest you. She has that factor of making you happy even if you are not yet in a relationship.

2.) Being inspired.

The one who is for you can always inspire you in any endeavor you take. She will unknowingly encourage you to do well on things that you do, may it be on your career, in sport or on your hobby or even in simple things that you do every day. You also tend to build your dreams and goals with her.

3.) Gives you a reason to stop fooling around.

Men will always be men. We easily get drag into a situation where we fool ourselves in liking someone even if that is not real love. It might be because of other factors but definitely not love. That would normally be ok since you are not yet committed to anyone. You can easily go out and have fun with others, nothing to worry about any commitment. Meeting up the one for you would make you realize that you have to end your foolishness. She will definitely be a reason for you to stop fooling around.

When you think you found the right person for you, never let her go. Do your best to make her yours and when eventually you have her, make sure you keep her in your arm and never let a single tear drop from the person whom you think is the one for you. Simply love her with all of you heart.

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